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Cameras Off P4HE Age 9-15

For those who prefer cameras-off. Tues11.30am

  • 49 British pounds
  • Online

Available spots

Philosophy 9-15s – Camera-Free Zone There are lots of people who enjoy thinking a lot more than they enjoy speaking and being the centre of attention. This class is designed to be a super-friendly environment for participants who don’t like having cameras on and would prefer to communicate via chat. For this block, we're merging the 9-12s and teens groups as both have attracted very thoughtful participants (with teh younger group having some very mature insights) but in rather small numbers, so we think their combined energies will make for the optimal session. It’s set up as a webinar rather than a conventional Zoom room, so while we will have opportunities for participants to contribute by voice if they like, the main channel will be the chat. We’ll be using the same content as our other philosophy classes, just discussing it in a different way. I’ll be on camera and using visual aids from time to time, but because no participants will be on camera my focus can be on the chat, looking for interesting snippets and angles that we can consider. Please note that everyone agrees not to give tuppence about spelling during this class: it’s about the thinking.

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Cancellation Policy

Classes or Courses can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the start time. We cannot refund for missed individual sessions within a course. Classes or courses cancelled by P4HE or GIFT will be refunded as soon as practically possible.

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