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Coming up in Philosophy & Cameras-Off Philosophy (April & May block)

Philosophy World Tour

Taking inspiration from the philosophers and traditions of India, China, Africa and the Middle East, we head off on a Philosophy World Tour to see how the world thinks and has thought. Bring your sun cream and an open mind!

Last block we explored The Philosophy of Secrets, Meaning & Misunderstanding, Ideal Languages, Ownership, Motion and Turning the Clock Back via (in no particular order) sausage-rustling, Esperanto, the nose-centred theory of the universe and the de-extinction of the Tasmanian tiger, among other things.

Image by Önder Örtel

Recent Debates 

Each week, participants choose debates for the next week from our world's largest collection of debate motions (approaching 2000!

Some of the recent ones:

This house prefers transfer tattoos to permanent tattoos 

This house thinks equality is for wimps

This house believes there is no story without conflict

This house believes mathematics can explain everything. 

This house would rather be shy than overfriendly.

This house could start an argument with itself

This house would be immortal

This house would switch off the comments section

This house thinks D&D is good life training

This house wants its 15 seconds of fame 

This house believes we should all speak one language

This house believes healthcare should prioritise those who take care of their health. 

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