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Philosophy has been keeping enquiring minds busy for thousands of years! These live, online sessions combine lively, fun dialogue that helps children connect to one another, with opportunities for deep thinking and disagreement about juicy, debatable questions. How much can you change a picture before it becomes a lie? Do slugs deserve to eat? While you are silent, does your voice still exist? Is maths invented or discovered? Is the hole in a donut part of the donut?

There are several time slots to choose from for 9-12 years old and for teens. We also run debating and improv workshops for these age groups. For 6-8 years old, we have Philosophy Explorers, time travelling the galaxy  helping humans and aliens solve their philosophical problems, and Chatterboxes, a fusion of joke-telling, debating and improv that is great fun - and fortnightly philosophy sessions for adults too! There are also free book clubs for 9-12s and adults as part of our growing community as well. 

 We first started running Zoom classes in 2018, and will be continuing long-term. We welcome students from all over the world, and have new afternoon slots convenient for US homeschoolers at 1100 EDT for 9-12 years and 1230 EDT for 13+. Read some student reactions in The New York Times.


How does P4HE work?

Philosophy and debating sessions are facilitated on Zoom by Jason Buckley or Grace Lockrobin, leading experts in Philosophy for Children (see Improv classes are hosted by Charlie Sturgeon as are our Chatterbox sessions.

Research by the Education Endowment Foundation suggests philosophy classes can improve children's progress in Maths and English. But we mainly offer these classes because philosophy is "deep fun" that stretches the mind as well as being a great way to spend time with others. Debating and Improv are also excellent opportunities to build confidence and creativity - some participants do all three! 

Sessions are £39 per student for block of six one-hour classes - or you can book a taster for £7 to see if Philosophy, Debating or Improv - or all three - are your thing!