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Our Zoom classes in philosophy, debate, improv, Shakespeare, creative writing and Dungeons & Dragons connect children through fun dialogue, deep thinking and creativity.

 You can also book for our next residential/day visits Weekender on
12th to 14th April 2024.

Philosophy has been keeping enquiring minds busy for thousands of years! How much can you change a picture before it becomes a lie? Do slugs deserve to eat? While you are silent, does your voice still exist? Is maths invented or discovered? Is the hole in a donut part of the donut?
There are several time slots of each class to choose from for 9-12 years and for teens.  For 6-8 years old, we have Philosophy Explorers, time travelling the galaxy helping humans and aliens solve their philosophical problems, and Chatterboxes, a fun fusion of joke-telling, debating and improv! There are also free book clubs for 9-12s and teens as part of our growing community. 

  Read some student reactions in The New York Times.

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How does P4HE work?

Courses are £45 per student for block of six one-hour classes - or you can book a taster session for £8. 

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