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Debate Club - What's it all about?

At debate club, we argue about stuff. Not in an angry, "Get out of my pub!" - "You're not my muvver!" Eastendersy way but in a friendly, polite way, creating arguments and batting back one another's points. It's rather more informal than a lot of traditional debating formats, and there are lots of quirky and light hearted themes in our World's Biggest List of Debate Motions.

Here are the things we'll be arguing about this week. As you can see, some debates have one person each side, some two, and we also sometimes have warm-up speakers who kick off the session by proposing something lighthearted. You can always join in with any debate with questions or comments of your own. We have a lot of laughs and people gain rapidly in confidence as speakers on the way, just by being here and taking part.

1 p.m. Wednesday 9-12s 

FOR Alice, Taisie, Ruben This house would rather live in Minecraft AGAINST Asiyah, Conrad

FOR Asiyah, Taisie This house would rather be Voldemort than Dobby AGAINST Ruben, Alice 

FOR Conrad This house thinks real life is stranger than fiction AGAINST Taisie


6 p.m. Wednesday 9-11s

FOR Rebecca This house can't make up its mind AGAINST Ewan, Ofir

FOR Ezra, Ofir This house thinks war is a necessary part of life AGAINST Rebecca, Ewan


7.30 p.m. Wednesday 12+

FOR Dov, Felicity This house supports a world without clocks AGAINST Sophie, Daniel

FOR Sophie This house would rat out their friend in the prisoner's dilemma. AGAINST Felicity

FOR Sophie/Daniel/Felicity This house thinks better three hours too soon than a minute too late AGAINST Segev +? +?


1 p.m. Thursday 9-12s

Warm-up speaker FOR Megan B  This house believes the ugly sisters were misunderstood MEGAN B


FOR IOANNIS This house would bring back the Olympian Gods AGAINST NAYAN

FOR MEGAN This house believes cartoons are for kids AGAINST TIFFANY


2.30 p.m. Thursday Teens 


A series of rather juicy ones to end the block!

SAUL for This house believes all societies are unjust, get over it ISABELLA against 

FOR Sam This house believes there is no story without conflict AGAINST Liam

FOR Muji This house believes in miracles. AGAINST George 

FOR Reuben This house believes sentient artificial intelligences should have rights. AGAINST Sam

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