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Student Reviews and Family Feedback
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Thoughts on past courses . . 
"I think it involves thinking outside the box in a different way to anything else… You can look at it from your way and someone else's way and respectfully disagree."

"I think that philosophy helps centre the mind and explore new ways of thinking. It's not just the school's way of this is the one way, this is the way of doing it. It opens other channels and networks you never even knew and it explores yourself through and through."

"So it's been good to have some place to vent about those things to people who may actually want to listen rather than, like, my unwilling friends. And I also found that lots of people, you know, people around me and at school, everyone seems to be really narrow-minded. Like, they have their opinion and that's that, whereas here people are more open to sharing or swaying their views on certain things... it's really good to have a space to do that."

"We took a little political quiz… and we got put on a graph and it was super interesting to see what people answered for that, and how differently that was to my opinion. I've come to like seeing whether my opinions are really my own or whether society has just shaped me to make me believe those are my opinions, which has been really deep to think about."

"This has helped me in a way because, firstly, this couldn’t be done in school and it’s not quite school so it’s lots better. As well as the fact that it actually allows me to debate with other people…who could perhaps have arguments that could change my views. and also the fact that philosophy helps you sort of understand life more. I like philosophy because it's a nice mental exercise and this place is a place where I can do that."

"I really enjoy philosophy because it really makes me think in a new way and well, I'm generally quite an indecisive person, so I have these massive vicious cycles in my head about completely random things and coming to philosophy, it's just like I'm expressing those things.. even about the current virus. It's like, “Oh, should we stay inside and risk mental health and economy in that, or should we go outside and risk everything else?” And I think having a place to talk about that has really been beneficial."

"Now I just see that I see that these different opinions, I might not agree with them, they do have a basis around them. Overall I think that's good because there's so much hatred at the moment in say, like politics and it's all “stupid left wing” or “stupid right wing” and having a balanced calm discussion will get things done in the end, not shouting at each other or protesting each other. We've eventually got to listen. I think even if it's just a couple of people that decide to just because they did a class, I think that's pretty good overall. "

"Some of my friends can be very not open to discussion… they don't listen to me when I want to discuss interesting things and I often feel like I'm like really weird or stupid for thinking that we should talk about that. But then I come here and I feel like it's not just me who wants to have discussions. So I feel like this is just a really good place to be for me ’cause it makes me feel more confident."

"It's interesting to see what other people think, because it’s not the same as my perspective but…altogether it makes my perspective of the world more interesting and bigger and it kind of gives me an insight into other people's life and what their thinking is."

"It's fun to just speak to people who you know are going to listen and who you know are here to expand their minds, because most of the time people don't want to expand their minds, and even if you want to have an interesting conversation they’re just not all that interested."

Comments from families

  • A really interesting experience.  Thought the facilitator handled the children and activities well considering they (or certainly mine) didn't really know what to expect or what was expected. 


  • Yes, really enjoyed it , lots of food for thought, especially soup for thought.

  • N enjoyed it. He really liked seeing friends faces - that was actually what sold it to him because he didn’t want to do it until I told him who would also be there! Glad I did because he thought it was fun.


  • B thought it was boring but liked it. BT enjoyed it. New territory so at this stage their comments aren’t relevant.  I think it’s important to be exposed to new subjects and new ideas that make the children think even if they find it dull.


  • It was really good


  • Hopefully W will get used to everyone and get more involved next week.


  • Yes! C & S really enjoyed it. Jason is great

  • My boy loved it. Said it was interesting - think they got a good lively conversation going on. Thank you


  • Both of mine enjoyed it (one despite his initial reservations!). They also found it thought-provoking and amusing in places.


  • he had lots of fun


  • my daughter found it engaging.


  • K liked it and is looking forward to next session


  • A said he really enjoyed it. He liked listening to the variety of opinions. Thank you

  • M and A loved it! Thank you so much


  • Thumbs up here!! Thanks


  • A really enjoyed the discussion thank you! X


  • Thank you for a great session, really enjoyed it


  • Yes, many thanks from us, too, A enjoyed it v much


  • Fabulous lesson, E really enjoyed it, thank you


  • Oh this was great! L loved it thank you 


  • What an excellent facilitator, and engaging session!  Thank you!


  • My two really enjoyed today, thanks. One of them found when she went into a ‘small room’ at first that they were all silent and none of them sure what to say. However, when they went back with everyone they seem to warm up and she enjoyed it. Many thanks


  • Thanks very much for today. My son really enjoyed it..


  • A and T loved the session today! Really excited and looking forward to more! Xx


  • Hi thanks for today O enjoyed it and looking forward to next week!

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