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Safeguarding: responsibilities and expectations

What we have done

We have safely delivered hundreds of hours of online classes over the last few years.

We have combined our experience with the highest level of security advice from Zoom to find the best balance between encouraging easy communication and keeping everyone safe.

What we need you to do

  1. Install or update to latest version of Zoom (

  2. Make sure our email addresses  and are in your contacts list to avoid our communications going to your junk mail.

  3. Check your email for the new meeting link before the next class. 


When joining the class

  1. Please make sure the name you use to join the class matches the name we have on the register.  Do not change your name during the class.

  2. Join with video on unless you have agreed in advance with Jason or Ruth to have your camera off.

  3. Students remaining in the classroom with camera off without prearrangement will be returned to the waiting room. 

  4. Do not use a virtual background.


During the class

  1. You must not record or otherwise take images of other students.

  2. You must not make personal comments about your classmates.


Not following these instructions may result in you being removed from the class, moved to another group or off the programme.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of the session. 


Before the Zoom

  1. Laptop is best. iPads or tablets are OK too, phones not so good but still work.

  2. Be plugged in or charged up, and somewhere with good connection (sometimes a room away from your internet router is fine for most things but stutters with Zoom). A back-up internet connection such as a hotspot from a mobile phone is great.

  3. It’s good if siblings, dogs, snakes or other distractions are not in the room if possible.


During the Zoom


We want to be as connected to each other as possible, so:

Switch to “Gallery View” (top right) so you can see everyone.

If you clicking “participants” at the bottom, you can click “raise hand”, but real hands are better. 


Zoom Chivalry


Be kind - “I disagree…” rather than, “That’s nonsense!” 

Be patient – when lots of people want to speak, there might be a queue, and I’ll do my best to be fair.

Be bold – have a go, get your ideas out there. 

Be generous – see the best in others’ ideas, and leave space for others if you’ve had a good say.


Family tip: If two siblings are in the same Zoom, either be on different devices in separate rooms, or visible together using the same device.

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