Classes, Courses and Tasters

Welcome to our new booking page


Whether you have come via P4HE (Philosophy for Home Education) or from GIFT Courses you will find all your usual sessions with Jason, Charlie, Grace and Tom and our other teachers here. You can see descriptions of each of the classes we offer here.

The evening Philosophy, Improv and Debating Wranglers sessions are especially good environments for those who are “beyond their years” in their interests, as they’ve emerged from our long history of working with this group. The daytime courses mainly attract homeschoolers, but we have some schoolschoolers too, including from the USA, where the time difference makes them an after-school option.


We have put them all in the same place partly because there is some overlap between our two groups of students, and partly because it makes admin much easier behind the scenes (meaning we don’t have to spend a fortune upgrading our system).

You can book a regular four week block of your favourite or a single taster class of something new. By default, this page shows our P4HE daytime course - philosophy, improv and debating during the day, plus a 6 p.m. 9-12s session of philosophy on Thursday evenings.


On a mobile, click "P4HE Daytime Courses" to see a drop down menu of the tasters, evening, adults and 6-8 classes.