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Mon, 05 Aug


Sir John Lowther County Scout Activity C

P4HE Long Weekender (aka Summer School)

In person versions of your favourite online classes plus bonus features, plus two extra sleeps than a regular Weekender

P4HE Long Weekender (aka Summer School)
P4HE Long Weekender (aka Summer School)

Time & Location

05 Aug 2024, 12:30 – 09 Aug 2024, 16:30

Sir John Lowther County Scout Activity C, Rushton Rd, Glendon, Kettering NN14 1QF, UK


Who: This is open to all aged 11to 18.  Where: The Sir John Lowther Scout Centre, Kettering, located within it’s own 10 acre woodland with an adjoining conservation area of meadows, woodland and fields.  When: 5th to 9th August  Overnighters, arrive from 12.30 p.m. Monday 5th August for a welcome and buffet lunch at  1p.m., pick up 5 p.m. Friday.  Those with Daytime tickets are asked to arrive by 9.15 a.m. for a 9.30 a.m. start, but you are welcome to join us for breakfast which is 8.30 a.m. each day.. Please be picked up by 9 p.m. latest each evening – you can stay for dinner and the evening activities, or head off before dinner if you think someone else’s cooking will be better than ours.

You’ll probably find you want to stay for the meals as they’re sociable and the food is good.

How much:  £599 for full residential tickets.  £549 for earlybird tickets paid in full by 1st June .  £150 for day tickets (all activities and meals, but staying elsewhere with family)

In all cases, payment of a £50 deposit secures your place.

Booking:  When you click through to booking, you can choose to pay a non-refundable holding deposit of £50 which will be followed by an invoice for the balance. Or you can choose one of the other three options described above. For EARLY BIRD price of £549, the balance must be paid in full by 1st June . Full price for residential will be £599.  Booking will close and balances must be paid by July 20th.  We will be operating a waiting list. 

Where you’ll be sleeping:  You’ll be sleeping in rooms that have between 2 and 6 beds with those of the same gender and roughly same age. Non-binary people let us know what you’re comfortable with. The venue provides bedding EXCEPT PILLOWS. If you know someone else who is coming and you’d particularly like to share a room with them, let us know and we’ll do our best to make the jigsaw work.

What you'll be doing: Below are the first of the many choices on offer during the Long Weekender.  We’re awaiting course descriptions for a World-Building course that will appeal to writers and D&D enthusiasts, improv, a singing course from our opera singer Penny, a Play-in-a-Day course and lots more including some variations of old favourites - and of course D&D. Most courses run for a morning or afternoon, some are whole-day courses. Once all the courses have been announced we'll send out a form for you to list your preferences. With twice as much time there’ll be two whole menus of interesting courses to choose from.

Some other differences to the weekenders - Wednesday night will be film night, when you can take a break from more active activities and enjoy a choice of films (or just catch up on sleep!) We will also see the return of the traditional (pre covid) Thursday Evening "Entertainment."  Participation is absolutely voluntary. Tell a joke, share something you made/wrote/built in your courses during the week, play your ukelele, perform a magic trick, deliver a monologue, balance something on your head... 

Games of the Future

Tom’s time-travelling journey through the games and sports of the past heads into the future! Play games described in sci-fi and then, after pondering how their lives might be different to ours and how that would change the games they play, create and try out your own predictions of how people will be entertaining themselves in the year 3000. 

Parodies, Satires and April Fools

Picture a prehistoric campfire with someone telling a story of how they bravely hunted down whatever they were eating. Now picture someone else retelling the story in an exaggerated way, poking fun at how brave the hunter was claiming to be – “But it was only one pride of lions, nothing for me to worry about…” That’s parody for you, a type of writing that has always attracted sharp wits who have created delight from playfully (or sometimes cruelly) mocking every style of writing. We’ll be looking at some classic parodies from the Jetlag travel guides to Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey before creating our own send-ups of our favourite (or loathed) genres. Plus some classic April Fools’ tricks that work in the same way.


If you’ve never tried Dungeons & Dragons before, this session is an ideal time to try it out; if you have, you’ve probably signed up already! Join others in a fantasy role-playing micro-adventure to enjoy face-to-face with an expert Dungeon Master (DM). Bring a character you've already created for our online classes or be someone new. If you've not D&Ded before, you'll have a chance to check in with our DM before the session to talk you through the basics so you are ready for the adventure!

The Meaning of Life

What's the meaning of life? Is it to ask, 'What's the meaning of, "What's the meaning of life?"?'? A full-day course of discovery, deliberation and discussion, drawing on philosophers from the Ancient Greeks to the present day, with some psychology and theology thrown in. If things go as we mean, each of us will emerge with some sense of what life means for us right now, which is no mean feat.

Amble, Ramble, Bramble 

When you walk around a city, you recognise hundreds of the ebrands you see around you, and you can use Google Maps to get around. But when you walk through the countryside, how many of the trees and plants do you know, and could you find your way along footpaths and across country without roads to help? This course which will take you offsite for a morning or afternoon is about getting handy with map and compass as you learn to navigate, and to identify and appreciate some of the plants and trees you pass on the way. You’ll need walking boots and waterproofs for this one.

Choose Your Own Adventure!

You’re going to pen a pick-a-path story. Beginning with everyone else from a shared starting point, you’ll then branch off into as many different plot threads as you wish. Do you wish to…

  1. Write independently?
  2. Write with a partner?
  3. Write in a small group?

Will your reader interact by…

  1. Making a choice?
  2. Rolling some dice?
  3. Solving puzzles?

And will your story end with…

  1. Glory?
  2. Death?
  3. …you decide!

D&D Battle Arena

Enter the arena! In this session you’ll learn the official combat rules for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition (“D&D 5e”) by joining a team of heroes forced to fight round after round against monsters in an epic gladiatorial mêlée. Using pre-made character templates, you’ll choose your preferred class (such as the mighty Barbarian or the powerful Wizard), and receive a detailed character sheet with deadly weapons, clever spells, special abilities, and magical items to help you survive the coliseum of carnage!


See how theatre can become a sport in this classic competitive format for improvisers! Developed by Keith Johnstone in the UK and Canada, Theatresports™ is now performed all over the world. Teams of improvisers compete in short games and scenes, and are awarded points and punishments by a panel of judges. You’ll learn how to play, judge, and even host! Watch out for the boring horn and the basket of shame, and savour the sweet taste of each victory. Improv doesn’t get much more fun than this!

Blood on the Clocktower

A demon has been unleashed upon the sleepy town of Ravenswood Bluff, killing by night and taking on human form by day! Led by a devious storyteller, Blood on the Clocktower is a game of murder and mystery, lies and logic, deduction and deception. Each player receives either a ‘good’ or ‘evil’ token with their unique character on it. Good players share information to solve the mystery whilst evil players lie about who they are and what they know. Can good find the demon in time? Or will evil overrun this once peaceful town?

Stage Combat 

Ever wondered how stage actors can take a punch without having to suffer for their art? In this course, you’ll learn the stagecraft of punches, slaps, hairpulls, stabs and swordfights, all skilfully done to create the impression of fights without any actual blood being spilled.

Escape Artists 

Be the first to try a new set of challenges in the outdoors that will require ingenuity, skill, daring and teamwork, then create your own “now get out of that” scenario and test it out on another team of Escape Artists.

The Ethics Cup

In the teens online philosophy classes, we’ve used a few case studies from the Ethics Cup, a nationwide competition that pits the wits of teams of philosophers from schools across the country together. This is a chance to try out the full format of the competition, and if we end up with a core of people who enjoy it and would like to pursue it, we’ll enter a team into the real thing in 2025.

Fire and Blade

Setting fire to things, and throwing sharp things at things. An opportunity to get back to basics with an instructor trained in axe and knife throwing and in the bushcraft skills of firelighting.

 . . . . .

Ticket Options


    Sale ends: 17 Jun, 23:50

    Please select from options below. A minimum £50 deposit must be paid to secure a place.

    From £50.00 to £549.00
    • £549.00
      +£13.73 service fee
    • £50.00
      +£1.25 service fee

    Sale ends: 20 Jul, 12:09

    Please select from options below. A minimum £50 deposit must be paid to secure a place.

    From £50.00 to £350.00
    • £50.00
      +£1.25 service fee
    • £80.00
      +£2.00 service fee
    • £80.00
      +£2.00 service fee

    Sale ends: 20 Jul, 23:50

    Please select from options below. A minimum £50 deposit must be paid to secure a place.

    From £50.00 to £599.00
    • £599.00
      +£14.98 service fee
    • £50.00
      +£1.25 service fee



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