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FAQ Booking and Links

You can book P4HE and GIFT classes as either individual sessions or as a course of six weeks - most courses can also be joined once they've started, and the price to book the rest of the block is adjusted to match.  The topics and themes for courses change each month - examples can be viewed here. 

We offer Taster sessions so that you can try a course without committing to paying for all six weeks. 

Here is an example of the schedule for a course.

Each of the classes in this block could be booked as a single session Taster.

If you have enjoyed the Taster, and wish to continue the course, you will need to book the remaining classes as single Tasters, because a course cannot be booked as a whole block once the course has started.

sample may schedule.png

If you have booked a multiple week course, a single class or a book club event, your Zoom link to join the class will be included in your email confirmation.

This will be the same link for all classes in the course.

Please enter the waiting room with the correct name (see protocols). Should you click the link before the waiting room has opened, it will say the date of the first session in the block - but it's still the right link!

Once you have joined the website, you will have access to a "My Bookings" page where you can keep track of all your class information.

If you have booked a single Taster session, your joining link will be emailed to you before the class start time.

If you have a DISCOUNT CODE you can enter it here 

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